Preview of the Slot Machine Barbarossa DoubleMax

If you don’t know anything about pirates, you could think that Peter & Sons, the developers of the slot machine game Barbarossa DoubleMax, are trying to adapt a big military operation from World War II for the casino gaming industry. Similar to Nolimit City’s Remember Gulag in its divisive nature. But it looks like this Barbarossa is alluding to Hayreddin Barbarossa, a notorious pirate from the 16th century. The Barbarossa DoubleMax online slot is a pirate-themed game that utilizes the well-known DoubleMax multiplier mechanism developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, a partner company.

Once upon a time, Peter & Sons’ slot would stand out in a packed lineup like a sore thumb due to their unique sound. Peter & Sons occasionally reverts to its signature aesthetic, but Barbarossa DoubleMax is only the latest example of the studio exploring new territory. Barbarossa DoubleMax is still a visually pleasing slot, both in the regular and bonus games, after these changes were made. While the main game takes place in an open area complete with palm trees, a shattered cannon, and a sandy region, free spins take place in a dark castle where a skeleton pirate lays his bones atop a pile of dazzling wealthy items. When can we expect to see it in gamers’ hands? Maybe, let’s try to figure out how.

The first step is to place a wager, which may be anywhere from 20 pence to fifty pounds or euros every spin. The next step is to decide to use the Golden Bet, which will boost your wager by 50% but provide you twice as many chances to activate the free spins bonus round. You may also check the game’s rules page to see if you’re playing the top-tier 96.2% RTP version or one of the three lower-paying variants. All versions are extremely twitchy and can be accessed on both mobile and stationary devices.

The treasure hunting action takes place on a 5×3 243-ways gaming board, with winning combinations formed when identical symbols appear on at least three consecutive reels, left to right. If you get 5 bottle, anchor, wheel, compass, or gun symbols in a row, you win 2.5 to 3 times your wager; if you get 5 premium character symbols, you win 5 to 10 times your wager. Wilds can also assist string together winnings by standing in for standard pay symbols.

Features of the Barbarossa DoubleMax Slot

Tumbling reels, wild substitutes, the 2x multiplier, free games, and a bonus purchase are all present and accounted for in Barbarossa DoubleMax, along with other usual DoubleMax features. But a brand-new addition, the Multiplier Jump, sneaks in there as well. The process is outlined below.

Cascades, Wild

The cascade mechanism works by removing winning symbols from the reels. One of the vacant slots is substituted with a wild symbol before the others are filled. The remaining space is then filled up with symbols. After a symbol drop, if a new winning combination is produced, the function will activate again.

Inverse Product Multiplier

The multiplier meter looks like a cannon firing cannon balls beneath the reels. The value of the multiplier doubles with each successful outcome. The multiplier’s maximum value is undefined, however it does reset between basic game paid spins.

Change in Multiplier

A spin might result in a one-value increase in the multiplier meter. For instance, instead of incrementing to x2, it may immediately leap to x4 if given x1. Up to three times in a row, this is possible.

No Risk Turns

If you get 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols while playing the main game, you’ll win 7, 10, or 13 extra spins, accordingly. Although free spins cannot be retriggered, the Multiplier Meter does not reset in between free spins, making them an attractive bonus. It can only continue to rise from here or stay around the same.

This is why some players may choose to bypass the intro and go straight to the bonus round. The Bonus Buy feature allows players to achieve this by purchasing at least 7 free spins for 100x the wager or a random number of free spins for 200x the stake.

Casino Slot Review: Barbarossa DoubleMax

Yggdrasil Gaming is very kind in that it freely distributes its exclusive innovations to other studios. The crew is probably not doing this for the sake of their health alone, but the studio certainly isn’t sitting on its game mechanics with a kung fu grip, refusing to share them or the fame that comes with doing so. But taking elements from other successful games is no guarantee of success. In the past, slot games developed by companies other than Yggdrasil Gaming on platforms like as Gigablox have been hit or miss.

There is some positive news! Players who enjoy DoubleMax games or slots with a pirate theme are sure to enjoy Peter & Sons’ Barbarossa DoubleMax. The features have been kept mostly unchanged by Peter & Sons, thus the emphasis is on the audio-visual elements to make Barbarossa DoubleMax stand out. Fortunately, Peter & Sons is skilled in both visuals and sound, albeit the latter to a lesser degree. Despite not having the precise signature Peter & Sons visual style, Barbarossa DoubleMax looks excellent and enhances DoubleMax’s inherent star quality. The Multiplier Jump adds a touch of novelty, although a slight one, that may be thrilling under the proper conditions. If players are holding the proverbial proper map, they can find treasure in Barbarossa DoubleMax to the tune of 20,000 times their wager.

Peter & Sons has already experienced issues with other Yggdrasil Gaming slot features, so Barbarossa DoubleMax isn’t the first time. Monster Blox and Water Blox are two games that have made good use of the Gigablox feature in the past. Even while it may not achieve anything that hasn’t been done before technically, Barbarossa DoubleMax is a superb pirate-themed release, strong on salty entertainment possibilities, and so continues the pattern of developing these types of high-quality slots.

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