A Kenyan pastor was murdered by a mob over a gambling machine.

Calvince When Otieno Onguro, a preacher who belonged to the Roho Mshanda Church, attempted to remove a gambling machine from the area, the mob turned on him and murdered him.

Calvince Otieno Onguru, a member of the Roho Mshanda Church, said that he was attempting to prevent residents from squandering their money by preventing them from wasting their money.

The mob assaulted the preacher with their fists, machetes, and stones, and he was injured.

An inquiry is under ongoing to discover the real account of the events that took place.

An investigation has been initiated.

Detectives in Homa Bay County have opened an inquiry into the killing of a preacher by a local mob, according to reports.

Calvince Otieno Onguru is suspected of attempting to steal a gaming machine from the Kodiera Shopping Center, which is located in the sub-county of Ndhiwa, according to police reports.

They continued to abuse the preacher, who belonged to the Roho Mshanda Church, in spite of his pleas for compassion and explanations that he was just trying to prevent people from squandering their money on frivolous activities.

Having been caught in the act

He reportedly switched off the lights in the building where the machine was housed in order to conceal his presence. A local neighbor said that he then barricaded himself inside several residential buildings to avoid these individuals from catching him red-handed during his crime spree. A group of young guys, on the other hand, had already noticed him and alerted authorities.

What occurred next was described by a witness from the area. The pastor, according to Jacob Mboya, “came out of hiding, which was a neighboring sugar plantation, when he saw they were closing in on him [the preacher].” He then attempted to flee into a nearby cave, but the youngsters were able to locate him.

He gave an explanation for his conduct

After being apprehended while attempting to remove the gaming machine, the pastor reportedly said that he was not a thief, according to several of those who were there. Instead, he sought to explain his conduct to the throng, which was met with hostility.

He informed them that he was removing the gaming machine in order to prevent local residents from squandering their money on gambling. To carry out the massacre, they used their fists, machetes, and stones, among other weapons.

He attempted to explain himself to the crowd, but they would not believe him and proceeded to slay the pastor right there on the spot. The killing was carried out by the crowd, who used their fists, machetes, and stones to do it. His death occurred while he was just 31 years old, making him one of the youngest preachers in history.

The police are currently investigating if the preacher was attempting to assist the people or whether he was attempting to steal the gaming machine for his own personal benefit.

Gambling is legal in Kenya.

Gambling activity in Africa is growing at an alarming rate. Kenya is now one of the most important gambling markets in the area, with participation rates notably high among young males under the age of 35.

Efforts are being made by the Kenyan government to clamp down on gambling businesses in the nation. In July, it took away the betting licenses of 19 operators for failing to pay their taxes on time.

After this occurred in September, two of the largest companies in the country, Betin and Sportpesa, decided to exit the market. As a result of these businesses, the government will miss out on huge tax income. Their departure is also likely to have resulted in a significant number of Kenyans flocking to betting operators on the illicit market in their place.

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